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Written & Directed by Clare Prenton

Funded by Creative Scotland Touring Fund
Supported by An Tobar & Mull, Men's Shed Association, Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and Luminate

Current Projects

'Men don' talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder'


Three men who have never met before find banter, bird boxes and biscuits in a fictional men's shed, which celebrates camaraderie, companionship.....and custard creams. Men Don't Talk explores and explodes the myth thatt 'men don't talk' in Clare Prenton's poignant, hilrious and deeply moving, thought provoking play

Opening in An Tobar and Mull Theatre 18th October 2024 and will tour Scotland until November 24. Dates and venues to be announced soon



Writer - Clare Prenton

Director - Clare Prenton

Producer - Michelle McKay

Designer - Frances Collier

Sound Design - John Kielty

Lighting Design - Kate Bonney

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