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Executive Producer 

Director of Blank Script Limited (producing company)

Michelle successfully launched and ran the Ediburgh International Improv Festival alongside creative director jason Perez. We launched our first event in February 2019. Since then the annual EIIF has continued building on its success and is heading into its 6th year in 2024. As well as a full timetable of workshops, a programme of shows and an exciting gala event we, partnered with Children's 1st to put on a charity show inviting children from schools from more disadvantaged areas of Edinburgh as well as arranging introduction to improv workshops within these schools. There is also late night jams and our ensemble team coaching.

Feb 2021 we ran an online Diversity & Inclusion Symposium, Seen In Scenes. All details can be found on the website.

Michelle stepped away in 2024 to focus on Genesis Theatre Productions but is proud to have played a part in the festivals success.

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